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Expert Advice: How To Get The Best Wedding Photos


People often have doubts on how  to get the best wedding photos Your wedding day will be one of the most unforgettable events in your life, so it makes sense that you would want every memory captured for posterity. Picking up an experienced Kerala wedding photographer is key to creating stunning, high-quality pictures to treasure forever; but making the most of your photography session does not stop there. This blog will help to get some expert tips on making the most of your Kerala wedding photography session and how to get the best wedding photos:

The groom tying the Thali around the bride's neck


One of the key aspects of successful Kerala wedding photography sessions is preparation. Speak with your photographer prior to the big day about what kind of pictures you want taken. communicate any shots or moments that must be captured as well as discuss a timeline so your photographer can plan accordingly.


Where you decide to take your wedding photos can have a major impact on the outcome. Kerala boasts numerous scenic areas that provide ideal settings for stunning photos. Work closely with your photographer in selecting an area that complements both the theme and style of your event, and visit it prior to selecting it as it will ensure successful images.

Haldi function of a couple


Your wedding day can be daunting, so it’s essential that you remain relaxed and authentic during your photography session. Your photographer will strive to capture natural, candid moments that capture both your love and personality – don’t be shy about showing affection and having fun during this session; that way your photographer can capture genuine moments that truly reflect this milestone momentous occasion! Lighting is of utmost importance in photography, and your Kerala wedding photography session should not be any different. Be sure to work closely with your photographer in identifying the ideal times and locations for taking photographs, as well as any potential lighting obstacles at your chosen venue. If your ceremony will take place outside, for instance, try planning your session during golden hour when light levels are soft and warm for optimal photos.


Communicate clearly with your wedding photographer so they understand your expectations and preferences – including the style of photography desired, types of shots desired, and any specific moments or people you would like featured in your photographs. As part of your photography session, it’s also crucial that you discuss any potential challenges or obstacles, such as inclement weather or lighting issues, that might arise during it. By communicating openly with your photographer, both can come up with solutions together and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible

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A pre-wedding or engagement shoot can be an excellent way to become comfortable in front of the camera and form an understanding with your photographer. These sessions typically occur several months prior to your wedding date at your desired location and provide ample opportunity for capture some stunning photographs that you can use in save-the-date cards or wedding websites. Doing a pre-wedding shoot is another effective way of helping both you and your partner feel more at ease during the actual wedding photography session. By getting acquainted with how your photographer works and what to expect, pre-wedding photos can make the whole
experience much less intimidating and overwhelming


Capturing all the small moments on your wedding day is paramount, but also making sure to capture those special details that make your celebration unique can make all the difference in photos and films. This may mean close-up shots of your rings, bouquet or intricate features on your dress as well. Be sure to ask your photographer to capture all of the small, often-overlooked details that can bring an added depth and personality to your wedding album, helping you recall those special touches that made your special day truly unique.

Have Fun!

Make Sure It’s Fun Above all else, remember that your wedding photography session should be enjoyable! This is an eventful day you will want to cherish forever and your pictures should capture its joy and celebration.

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