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Candid photography vs traditional wedding photography is two different photography sessions. Wedding photography plays a crucial role in capturing precious memories of a couple’s

special day. It allows them to revisit those cherished moments throughout their lives. There
are two main approaches to wedding photography: candid photography and traditional
wedding photography. Each style has its distinct qualities. In this article, we will examine the
differences between these approaches, their advantages, and help you determine which one
suits your wedding best.


What is Candid Photography?

candid wedding photography vs traditional wedding photography

Candid photography, also known as photojournalistic or documentary-style photography, focuses on capturing authentic and spontaneous moments throughout the wedding day. The photographer aims to blend into the background, observing and capturing moments as they naturally unfold. 


This style emphasizes capturing emotions, interactions, and genuine expressions without interfering with the scene.


What is Traditional Wedding Photography?


Conventional / Traditional wedding photography takes a more formal approach, where the

photographer organizes posed shots and group portraits with careful composition. They take
charge of the scene, guiding the couple and guests to create specific poses and capture
traditional wedding moments.


Key Differences between Candid Photography and Traditional Wedding Photography

traditional wedding photography

Approach: Candid photography focuses on capturing natural, unposed moments that reflect
the genuine emotions of the day. Traditional wedding photography aims to create more
formal and posed portraits.


Interference: Candid photographers aim to blend in and document the wedding without interfering with the events. Traditional photographers take a more active role in directing and posing the couple and guests.


Storytelling: Candid photography tells a story through a series of moments captured
throughout the day. Traditional wedding photography focuses on individual moments and
poses, highlighting key elements of the wedding.


Editing Style: Candid photography often involves minimal editing, aiming to maintain the authenticity of the captured moments. Traditional wedding photography may involve more extensive editing to create a polished look. 


Benefits of Candid Photography

  • Benefits of Traditional Wedding Photography
  • Provides a more relaxed experience for the couple and guests.
  • Provides a more relaxed experience for the couple and guests.
  • Allows for a more creative and artistic approach, capturing unique angles and
candid wedding photography


Benefits of Traditional Wedding Photography



  •  Gives a refined and classic appearance, perfect for capturing enduring portraits.
  • Ensures thorough coverage and inclusion of essential moments and individuals.
  • Enhances the final product through careful editing, elevating the overall visual
  • Allows for the recreation of timeless poses and the capture of customary wedding

Factors to Consider when Choosing between Candid and Traditional


traditional wedding photography 

Personal Style: Consider your personal preferences and the style that resonates with you
the most.


Wedding Atmosphere: Consider the overall atmosphere and theme of your wedding.
Candid photography might be more suitable for casual and intimate weddings, while
traditional photography can complement formal and grand celebrations.


Photographer’s Expertise: Review the portfolio and expertise of photographers you are
considering. Ensure that their style aligns with your vision for capturing your wedding day.


Budget: Candid and traditional wedding photography may differ in terms of pricing.
Determine your budget and find a photographer who can provide the style you desire within
your price range.


Tips for Achieving Great Candid Wedding Photos

  • Let your photographer blend into the surroundings, capturing moments naturally
    without drawing attention.
  • Be yourself and don’t worry about the camera, simply enjoy your special day.
  • Trust your photographer’s skills and give them the freedom to capture unique and
    spontaneous shots.
  • Opt for meaningful locations and moments that hold sentimental value to you.
  • Embrace candid surprises and cherish spontaneous interactions throughout the day. 

Tips for Achieving Great Traditional Wedding Photos

  • Collaborate closely with your photographer to plan and execute desired poses and
  • Allocate sufficient time for formal portraits and group shots in your wedding timeline.
  • Communicate your preferences and specific poses you would like to include.
  •  Pay attention to details such as posture, hand placement, and facial expressions.
  • Incorporate traditional wedding elements and props to enhance the formal aesthetic.

Which Photography Style is Right for You?

candid wedding photography

Choosing the right photography style ultimately depends on your personal preferences and

the vision you have for your wedding day. Candid photography is perfect if you prefer
capturing natural, emotional, and unposed moments. It is ideal for couples who want to tell a
unique and authentic story of their wedding day. On the other hand, traditional wedding
photography is a great choice if you prefer a more formal, structured, and timeless approach,
focusing on posed portraits and classic wedding moments.

Discuss your preferences with potential photographers, review their portfolios, and find
someone whose style resonates with you. Remember, your wedding photos will serve as
cherished memories for a lifetime, so choose a style that reflects your personality and
captures the essence of your special day.




In the world of wedding photography, candid photography and traditional wedding
photography offer distinct approaches and aesthetics. Candid photography emphasizes
capturing spontaneous and authentic moments, while traditional wedding photography
focuses on posed portraits and formal shots. Both styles have their unique benefits, and
choosing between them depends on personal preferences, wedding atmosphere, and
budget considerations. By understanding the differences and considering your vision for your
wedding day, you can make an informed decision and select a photography style that
perfectly captures the magic of your special day.



Do you prefer natural and candid moments or more posed and formal portraits?

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